VAGARIES OF HUMAN BEHAVIOUR ~ Plavani Priyadarshini ~

Vagaries of human behaviour

O dear human,why are you so dastardly?
Look!! What you’ve made of yourself??

You don’t appreciate the breeze breathing through your skin
You no more thank the waves listening to your sullen tales
Neither can you smell the vibrant fragrance of flowers in your garden
Nor do you rejoice the calmness of sunshine adorning your feet

Why can’t you seek peace in solitude
Why can’t you look for positivity in adversity
Why you let your loved ones weep in pain
Even when you realize it’s just your ego
Your ego which you’ve made your priority

Extolling friends on their achievements is a rare affair now
You clap
Yes you do,but seldom
Somewhere in your mind you conspire
Conspire to stab
Look !!! You’ve turned so treacherous
You forget friends,trust enemies
Are you so gullible?
Or its just your vagary of temperament.

You commit mistakes, sometimes blunders
You regret, yes you do
Nevertheless,you replay your actions.

Desires have piled up in your acquisitive mind
You toil hard to fulfill them
You even succeed in your endeavors
Still you don’t feel joyous
You know why?
Because you seek pleasure in overindulgence.

You can cross your self made demarcations
Just to quench your immoral thirst
You’ve forgotten your own codes of mannerism
And have turned into an anti social nerd.

You yearn for love
But never confess
You comprehend emotions
But never express.

You’re an extraordinary mixture of harsh reality and lofty ideals
You’re perplexing, your thoughts inextricably interwoven.

Above you is an endless space unfurled
Beneath you is the acknowledgement of your existence
Beside you is an imperceptible serenity
And deep within you is a discomforting mystery.

May God show you light and assist you in unraveling your own mystery.


~ Plavani Priyadarshini ~



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