BREVITY OF HUMAN LIFE ~ Plavani Priyadarshini ~

Short poem in English "BREVITY OF HUMAN LIFE" by Plavani Priyadarshini

Human life is a tale of mere transience,
Shrouded in vague and impermanent desires,
A knot of anger,lust and intemperance,
Raging fiercely like a wildfire.

Life is nothing but an assemblage of months and years,
Disappearing faintly into some mighty horizon,
The unspoken saga of life slowly blares,
Drawing us in a state of humble realization .

Human life is a tale of continuous changes,
Ranging from beautiful youth-hood to circling wrinkles,
It’s nothing but a book of unaccomplished pages,
Inch by inch the vibrancy of living dwindles.

Life is a tale of inevitable mortality,
Cloaked in a pall of bleak darkness,
How difficult it is to understand it’s brevity!
Enveloped in uncanny despair and gloominess.

The perpetual string of desires will sever,
Life will turn into a gone history,
Let’s not waste our precious time anymore,
In useless cravings and elusive fantasies.

Let’s live our days wisely and meaningfully,
Fill it with good splendid memories,
Let’s not run away from the truth of ephemerality,
Because one day everything will unavoidably cease.


~ Plavani Priyadarshini ~


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