SHE GREW STRONGER THAN BEFORE… ~ Plavani Priyadarshini ~

Short poem in English "She grew stronger than before" by Plavani Priyadarshini

She woke up abruptly before the crack of dawn
Dragged her aching body in utter dejection
A terrible reflection of past awakened her
With a feeling of apathy, she glanced up the mirror
Her distorted face shimmered in light,
Nostalgia we call it drove her mind
Eyes flooded,heart sank as she reminisced her plight
Acid wiped her beauty and insight
Unhealing scars replaced adornments
Freezing thoughts dampened her temperaments
Silently in a fit of anger,she cursed
The frantic half baked guy who left her disfigured
She had ambitions gleaming in her eyes
Her dreams turned into desperate cries
With splashes of chemical leaving her charred
Whenever she steps out,she leaves people scared
Rejecting a guy was her only blunder
And out of temper,he made her suffer
His heart bore no true love
For he had kept venom in store
People say she’s no more beautiful
But does her face convey it all
She questioned herself in the mirror
A voice arose from somewhere within
“You are stronger than before
That guy ruined your face not your dreams”
Gentle smile embarked her lips, realization drew in
In a contented voice, she assured herself
“I m still possessive of a soul so pure
Now that I have learnt to endure
A mere distortion of beauty can’t hinder me for sure
Deforming scars can’t leave me stripped
Sadism shall not be allowed to succeed”


~ Plavani Priyadarshini ~


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