MARITAL RAPE ~ Plavani Priyadarshini ~

Short poem in English "MARITAL RAPE" by Plavani Priyadarshini

Dashing into the room in an inebriated state
He found me on bed, all tired and dejected
I realized it was another grim night to tolerate
But somehow I mustered courage to beg him a peaceful rest

I tried to avoid his lecherous gaze
Regardless,he pounced upon me to fulfill his crave
Unable to bear his cruelty,I groaned in pain
Made efforts to thwart him but all in vain

My eyes drooped from lack of sleep
My abdomen hurt due to period cramps
Nevertheless these were just baseless grumbles for that creep
Who only cared about quenching his lustful appetence

Gagging my mouth , he had me undressed
Ruthlessly did whatever he wanted
He calls it ‘intense love making’
But I suppose it’s some kind of slow poisoning

I had considered marriage a relation so chaste
Never knew it’s just a license to rape
Every night brings me the same harrowing fate
My soul cries desperately for I know no way to escape

He never bothers to take my consent
Rapes me daily despite my complaints
There is no one who I can ask for help
There is no ear which can hear my yelp

My ‘NO’ isn’t a matter of concern
Be it reluctantly but I have to bear his tantrums
For I’m his wife and it’s my duty to surrender
And he’s at liberty to do whatever gives him pleasure

Happily my parents married me off to this stranger
Later I realized he’s a filthy sinister
Now they strongly oppose my wish to get divorced
As according to them ‘The Sacrament Of Marriage’ should be preserved.


~ Plavani Priyadarshini ~


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