HONOUR KILLING ~ Plavani Priyadarshini

Short Poem in English HONOUR KILLING by

He loved me and I loved him
Our love knew no length and breadth
But you called it an unpardonable sin
For which we deserved nothing but death.

You say I have besmirched my family’s name
What I have brought you is disgrace and shame
O honourable men,why do you say so?
Is it because you don’t like the man I chose?

You drenched him in blood
Buried me alive in mud
While we wailed and screamed
You people rejoiced and grinned.

O dear society, you call it honour
Honour to kill your own daughter
You consider yourselves to be men of principles
And that you say or impose is irrevocable.

O honourable men,you ripped me of my choice
You agonized my heart and muffled my voice
You snatched away our right to love and live
You killed us brutally and showcased your supremacy.

O honourable men, you claim to be strong and bold
But your acts are way too cold
The filthy rules that you impose on people to practice
Is nothing but actually travesty of justice.

O men of honour, you can’t escape from the court that stands above
For you killed young innocent souls for choosing to love
You will be judged, you will be retributed
You will be answerable for every drop of blood that you have shed.


~ Plavani Priyadarshini


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