Homes made according to Vastu lead to all round prosperity and good health. Keep the following vastu tips for homes in mind for enjoying best physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing for yourself and your family.

Best plots are square or rectangular in shape.

Always go in for plots which are oriented towards the Cardinal directions of North, East, West and South.

More open space should be left in the North and East of the building.

Have the well, bore well in the North-East of the building. Keep the North-East as open, clean and clutter-free as possible.

Have the main entrance in the exalted grids. The main door should be the biggest door in the house. It should preferably be of two shutters.

Keep the centre of the building and the centre of the plot free from any loads, beams, pillars, columns and wells.

Never have beams, pillars, depressions or wells in the centre of the house.

Have the master bedroom in South-West of the house.

Sleep with head towards South for good health. Never keep your head towards North.

Children’s bedroom should be in West or East. Children can keep their head towards East.

Kitchen should be placed in the South-East. Face East while cooking. Gas stove should be placed in South-East of the kitchen.

Stair cases should be in South, South-West or West. The final step should be towards South or East.

Place the mirrors on the East or North walls.

The South and West sides of the building should be higher than North and East

Puja room should be in North-East sector. The medicine cabinets can be placed in North of North-East for enhancing the healing properties of the medicines.

There should be no obstruction in front of the main gate.

Orient yourself towards the auspicious directions. Make it a habit to sit facing North and East directions.

Never put loads in the North-East corner of the house or the rooms.

Cupboards containing property papers, documents, valuables, cash and jewellery should be kept in the South-west side of the master bedroom. The cupboards should open towards North.

Lofts and attics in different rooms can be in South and West.

Balconies should be in North or East. South-West balconies should be covered with blinds.

Do not construct kitchen and toilet next to each other.

Kitchen should not be directly in front of the main door.

Broken mirrors, stopped watches should not be kept in the house.

Toilet seats should be aligned to the North-South axis.

An image of Gajalakshmi or auspicious symbols like Swastika and Om should be placed on the main door.

Students should study facing East or North.

Do not sit, work or sleep under a beam.

Do not have any thorny or milk like fluid producing plants in the house.

Rain water or drainage should have an outlet in the North, East or North-East.

Grow tulsi and other herbal plants in the North-East. Grow auspicious trees like Ashoka, Pomegranate, Neem, Lemon, Silva and Champaka in the South-West of the house.

Having a toilet/fireplace in the North-East corner of-the house can ruin it financially besides mental tension and quarrels amongst the inmates.

Having improper position of the entrance I obstruction in front of the gate can reduce the prosperity to a great extent.

Keep the South, West and South-West of the building and of each room heavy e.g. keep almirahs, cupboards, heavy furniture in the South-West of each room.

Keep North, East and North-East of the building and each room clean, light and free of clutter.

Photographs/paintings of deities should be on the Eastern walls.

Do not keep photographs of departed ancestors in the puja room. These photographs can be hung on the southern wall.

Pictures and paintings depicting violence, death, disease and despair should not be displayed in the house as they create negativity.

Have more openings in the form of doors and windows in the North and East side of the house as compared to South and West.

Internal staircase in a house should not be directly opposite the front door. External staircase should not be directly opposite the main door or crossing the main entrance.

Keep your house clean and clutter-free. Get rid of old clothes, newspapers and junk from time to time. Sort out and organize things in a way that makes you aware of their importance. Identify things that you might need later photographs, seasonal clothing etc. and slot them into specific places from where they can be retrieved whenever you need them.


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