BISHU KHUDO (UNCLE) ~ Tribhubanjit Mukherjee

Today I miss Bishu Khuro (uncle) very much. Today is his birthday. His full name is Biswabhushan Bhattacharjee. In our complex, we call him Bishu Khuro. Bishu Khuro is a widower. He is 72 years old. Now he can’t see well with his eyes without aspects. He uses to write many articles, political analyses for a Bengali daily as a guest columnist of that paper which is published in the Sunday magazine of that paper.
Most of the time he is in a bad mood and angry with someone who doesn’t listen to his words. Many a time his grandson Vivek comes to him from the nearby apartment. Either he comes with a bowl of mutton curry or fish curry prepared by his only daughter Bidisha. Vivek returns to his flat and narrates everything to his mother after returning from Dadu’s (grandfather)flat about his reaction to the mutton or fish curry.
Bishu uncle is a good man, I must say. He used to work in Kolkata Port Trust. He retired as an Accounts Officer. After retirement, he bought a small two-room flat in Calcutta near his daughter’s flat. The flat is not well furnished. He leads a very simple life.
He uses to write good poems as well as political reviews, drama critiques, short stories, novels, etc. He has gained a reputation for his writings in Bangladesh also. He is been invited by many notable institutions literary get together of writers who assembled for discussions on Bengali literature and there he presented his poems and other literary articles. Bishu Khuro is satisfied with an old mobile tied with a rubber band. When I say,khudo why do you use that old mobile some day or other it will stop functioning. Politely he uses to say, what will happen with that smartphone? I do not know its operation. It will be a waste of money.

He has a good relationship with other people in the apartment. That is why everyone calls him Bishu Khuro. The boys in the neighborhood have never seen Bishu Khuro go to the temple. He is a staunch leftist and believes in communism.

Mr. Nilakantha Samaddar, another Senior citizen of our complex is the Secretary, of our society said that the month of Shravan means the month of worship of Lord Shiva.
Lord Shiva is worshiped for the welfare of one’s family and children Devadidev Mahadev in words. He is the great yogi, Maheshwar.

Worship of Lord Shiva will fulfill all desires and peace will be obtained in your life and peace will be established in the world.

According to the Puranas, Mahadev drank poison in this month of Sravan. As a result of drinking poison, his whole body turned blue That is why water or milk is poured on his head and worshiped. This ritual is observed every day in the month of Sravan. But for that reason Monday is known as Shiva Bar, so a special puja is held on Monday, and fasting is performed on the Monday of the month of Sravan. The conventional belief that worshiping Shiva removes all the problems of life and brings peace to the family. 

Bishu Khuro laughed at this argument and said, “What do you mean by a group of idiots? There is a myth that Shiva ate poison.” some of those Brahmins have brainwashed the blind devotees for their livelihood and poured poison in their brains. There is nothing to do. Lord Shiva will never say you to do fasting and pray to Him. It is to feed the Brahmins who do nothing simply exploits the simplicity of the common man.

People say Bishu khudo use to quarrel with his superior officers and do false arguments. But I don’t believe it. He is not a fool to do argument with superior officers when he was in an important position in his service carrier. This is a false allegation against him. People are envious sometimes and cannot appreciate the good quality of a person.
I do not pay special attention to those words and rumors.

One winter morning, Bishu khudo’s maidservant Malati aunty was ringing the doorbell but the door did not open. It was 10 o’clock but the door did not open. Aunty called the security guard. Secretary of the Housing Society Nilakantha Samaddar Mahasaya came. The door was broken. Everyone was surprised to see Bishu lying in bed unconscious. He had a high fever. He couldn’t even make a phone call to his daughter’s house. Nilakantha Babu, a pious man, immediately called an ambulance and arranged for Bishu Khuro to be rushed to the hospital and called his daughter’s house. Nilakantha Babu had a cordial relationship with everyone and jumped into any situation for the service of a member of our society. Everyone praises him for this quality as he attends medical during the night also for the patient and arranges medicine, oxygen, etc. during the pandemic covid situation.

However, by the grace of God, Bishu Khuro’s Covid test was negative, and returned home after full medical treatment.

Her daughter had vowed to Taraknath for her father’s recovery. Baba Taraknath heard her daughter’s call, so Bishu Khuro got well and returned home. But he refused to accept it. The girl not only says that to his father but the doctors also believe that there is a divine power that works, so they also call on God before the operation. The patient is assured that God will bless you. He is a believer in God, so God has saved you. Keep in mind that He is omnipotent. There is no one above Him. From now on, worship a little God.

Bishu stares at his daughter’s face and thinks of his wife … The only thing his wife used to say to him was that he should listen to the words of his aged daughter who is his mother. It is not possible for him to do Gayatri jap and Sandhyanik at this old age.

Bishu Khudo says he believes in the existence of God but not in idols. It is a supernatural power, we have given the name of God as Shiva, Maa Kali, Durga, etc.

His daughter said listen, God has saved you. Keep in mind that He is omnipotent. There is no one above Him. From now on, worship and regularly do Gayatri jap. Mother could not convince you and you do whatever you like as per your sweet will. Can you imagine what would have done if the Samadar uncle would have not broken the door and rescued you? He took you to the hospital and continuously attended to you with medicines. He believes in God but you do not. This is very much pathetic. We will suffer if you do not change your attitude.

Bishu uncle looks at his daughter’s face and thinks of his wife … the only thing his wife used to say to him at her death bed that he should listen to the words of his daughter. She cannot get peace if he doesn’t listen to the words of his daughter at this old age. But it was just impossible to conceive him. It is not possible for him to do the pooja path. He does not believe in idol worship. But look like a kid before his daughter who is his mother to take care of him. Nodded his head and tears rolled down Bishu khudo’s eyes. Bishu khudo says :
In monotheistic thought, God is conceived of as the supreme being, or creator of this Universe. An atheist doesn’t believe in a god or divine being. Atheism is the doctrine or belief that there is no god. But I belong to the second category an agnostic neither believes nor disbelieves in a god or religious doctrine. How can I help? I can’t change my opinion at this old age! Can I?


~ Tribhubanjit Mukherjee ~




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