Water – 20 gms
Butter – 15 gms
Breakfast sugar – 20 gms
Egg – 1
Flour – 20 gms
Soda – 4 gms
Vanilla ice cream – 40 gms
Melted chocolate – 10 gms
Cocoa powder – 5 gms
Rum – 10 gms

For topping:
Chocolate ganache – 50 gms

For Garnishing-:

Rich cream – 20 gms
Dark chocolate – 25 gms


Boil water. Add chocolate and butter and mix well.
Mix all dry ingredients and serve it well.
Whish egg and sugar.
Mix all the dry ingredients into it.
Pour chocolate, water and butter mixture and mix it well.
Pour the desired amount of batter into a mould and bake it at 170 degrees C for 12-15 mins. or until baked well. De-mould if carefully on a wire rack and cook it.
Sandwich chocolate ganache and topping and keep it in the fridge for 15 mins.
Cut into desired shape and size.
Before serving warm in the microwave, garnish it with white chocolate rings (optional) and serve it with the vanilla ice cream.

For Garnishing:

Boil the cream and add it to the broken pieces of dark chocolate.
Whisk vigorously till chocolate melts and mixture becomes smooth.
Let the mixture cool.


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