The Neela Chakra or Blue Disc is the disc mounted on the top shikhar of the Jagannath Temple at Puri. As per custom, everyday a different flag is waved on the Neela Chakra. The flag hoisted on the Neela Chakra is called the Patita Pavana Bana (Purifier of the Fallen) and is equivalent to the image of the deities placed in the sanctum sanctorum

The Neela Chakra is a disc with eight Navagunjaras carved on the outer circumference, with all facing towards the flag post above.
The Neela Chakra at Puri temple is made of alloy of eight metals (Ashtadhatu) and is 3.5 Meters (11 feet and 8 inches) high with a circumference of about 11 meters (36 feet). During the year 2010, the Neela Chakra was repaired and restored by the Archaeological Survey of India.

The Neela Chakra is distinct from the Sudarshana chakra which has been placed with the deities in the inner sanctorum.

Neela Chakra is the most revered iconic symbol in the Jagannath cult. The Neela Chakra is the only physical object whose markings are used as sacrament and considered sacred in Jagannath worship. It symbolizes protection by Shree Jagannath.


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