Tours to Chandrabhaga Beach often marks the end of the tour to Sun Temple in Konark. It is not a written rule though. You can for sure begin your day at this quaint stretch of beach named Chandrabhaga Beach that is perfect for picnics, swimming, boating and relaxing.

The sea, now removed from the Sun Temple by 2 km, used to flow towards it’s famous sculpted wheels that have become an integral part of Odisha’s identity of a culturally rich Indian State. The Sun Temple was built on the golden sands of the beach that is now 2 km away from where it initially was.

The Konark Temple is a remarkable example of Odisha’s rich temple architectural heritage albeit influenced by Aryan philosophy to a large extent. Built over 12 years in the form of a chariot pulled by seven horses carrying the Sun God, the temple now stands in ruins. The remains of the temple – wheels, smaller temples and dance hall – are enough to give a curious tourist an image of its magnificence.

The temple walls are adorned with images from daily lives of the people of Odisha, memoirs of state affairs and women in dancing poses that went into recreating the extinct Odissi Dance style. In the shadow of this historically and religiously valuable monument, the Chandrabhaga Beach takes on the mantle of a worshipping pilgrim that has witnessed the creation and destruction of the dynasties emerging around the Sun Temple in Konark.

The Chandrabhaga Beach is usually a quiet retreat into nature’s inviting arms and is popular with tourists looking for solitude to reflect upon their sojourn so far. During the annual Chandrabhaga Fair, however, it is a completely different beach as compared to its established image.

Held over seven days to honor the Sun God, that is marked by religious events on the beach and at the Sun Temple. For entertainment, there are vendors selling anything from food to toys. The Jatra, Odisha’s folk theatre, is a major crowd puller too.

Easily accessible by road, rail and air, you can also visit the nearby Bird Sanctuary in Chilika Lake. There are many sea facing hotels, resorts and lodges in Chandrabhaga, Konark, where you can stay comfortably during your tour to Chandrabhaga Beach in Odisha…


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