Many women want to look, dress and be like a model. But to do that, you should first start walking like a model. While the women on the runway might make it look easy, strutting your stuff in 4-inch heels isn’t. It requires good posture, balance and technique – all of which take time to develop. So when it comes to making an impression on the catwalk, practice makes perfect!

1, It doesn’t matter if you’re comfortable. Choose the right shoes. If you’re not used to walking in heels, you’ll learn quickly. If the shoes are new, scratch the soles with scissors so that they will not slip when they touch the floor. Alternatively, you can cover the sole of the shoe with masking tape, if you don’t want to scratch your shoes. Whatever you do, don’t wear flip flops!

2. Learn to stand like a supermodel. Practice your posture, throw your shoulders back and down, and push your hips slightly forward. It might create the illusion that you’re leaning forward a little, rather than leaning back in an unwelcoming pose. You should be able to balance a book on the top of your head.

3. Place the ball of your foot down first (not the toes), then your heel, but keep most of your weight balanced on the ball of your foot rather than on the heel. It may feel strange, but keeping much of your weight on the ball of the foot gives you more of an elegant stride than a clunky (stepped down) heel- weighted walk would. It’s almost like walking on your tippy-toes, the way ballerinas do, but more natural.

4. Put one foot in front of the other (literally). Toes should face forwards. Your footprints should form a zigzag. When done quickly, this gives the body that characteristic swing. Your ankles should never bump, this is painful and may make you fall!

5. Make your stride look long and controlled by lifting your legs almost in the same fashion a horse would while doing trotting leg extensions. For each stride, you want to lift your foot a good distance off the ground (with a bend in the knee) and then place it down a good distance in front of the supporting leg, with a stride longer than a normal walk would have. Don’t make your strides too large as this will make you look awkward and ungraceful, but make sure you take large enough steps, rather than just baby steps. Remember to turn with your hip. It’s hard to describe but easy to do.

6. Look straight forward, capturing the essence of the clothes you’re wearing with the expression on your face. Focus on an object straight ahead of you (but don’t stare at a viewer…that is creepy). Try to smize (smile with your eyes). This will give a fierce look to your face and to your walk. Keep your chin level and your eyes up – you want the spectators to see your face. Keep your head and shoulders still as your body moves down the runway. Your head and shoulder should feel a little like a sturdy coat hanger, and things should swing from there. Don’t swing your shoulders, and don’t over exaggerate arm movements. Do make sure, however, that your hips swing more than they would usually. This may take some practice to look good. When the beats to your music are slower, swing your hips more and slow your pace. When you make your turn at the end, make sure your left foot is in front as you pause for a beat or double beat in your music. Your hips, shoulders, and feet should be facing the side of the runway as your head is turned to look straight on at the audience over your shoulder. After pausing or posing for a beat, pivot your feet back towards the curtain or glass, pick up your front foot first (your right foot), and continue walking. Make sure that your face is the last thing to turn away from the audience.

7. Fingers naturally fidget or fist up when you’re nervous, but don’t let them! It will be a bigger distraction than you realize. Just let them hang down, relaxed. Shaking your hands out before you walk will help your fingers relax and look more natural.

8. Develop your own signature walk. There’s no simple formula for walking the runway, and what will ultimately make you stand out is not only how well you can move your body but also how much of your own personality you can inject into your performance to make it memorable. The best way to create your own unique style is to experiment, practice, and get feedback (even if it means taking some constructive criticism).

9. Most importantly, you must walk and strut your stuff like you know you’re beautiful and you know that you are smoking hot, and all the young men out there are going to be going crazy when they see you!. Self-doubt and low self-esteem can be damaging and there’s nothing prettier than a girl with confidence.

10. You could practice strutting like you mean it by listening to your iPod or mp3 player, or other musical device, put a hot song on and walk to the tune.


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