Betel is a leaf of the vine that belongs to Piperaceae family which includes kava and pepper. It is a mild stimulant and has medicinal properties. It is a creeper and is evergreen. It has glossy leaves that are heart-shaped as well as white catkin. It originated from the South as well as South East Asia (Sri Lanka and India).

In Urdu, Bengali, Hindi and Odia, the betel leaf is known as Paan. Being a creeper it requires a pole or a compatible tree to grow. Fertile as well a high lands are best for cultivating betel leaves. Saline, waterlogged and alkaline soils are good for growing this plant.

Health Benefits of Betel Leaf:

Cooling as well as analgesic properties.

Useful in providing relief for headaches.

Useful remedy for boils.
The leaf is warmed up till it is soft and coated with castor oil and placed over the inflammation part. Every few hours one must replace it. After some applications the boil will rupture and will empty the purulent matter in it. This application can be done at night and removed in the morning.

Beneficial in treating nervous pains.

Helpful in treating nervous exhaustion as well as debility.
The juice of the some betel leaves and a teaspoonful of honey can be used as a tonic. One can have it twice in a day.

Betel leaves have diuretic properties.
Mix its juice with diluted sweetened milk and drink it for easing urination.

The leaves are useful in pulmonary infection in old age and childhood.
Soak the leaves in mustard oil and warm it and apply them on the chest to get relief from cough and to make breathing easy.

Effective in treating sore throat.

Helpful in treating inflammation such as orchitis (inflammation of testes) and arthritis.

Betel leaves are useful in healing of wounds.
Apply the extracted juice of some leaves on the affected part. Then wrap the betel leaf over the wound and bandage it. The wound will heal within 2 days with the help of single application.

Helps secretion of milk in breasts during lactation.
One has to apply leaves smeared with oil on the breast.

The juice of betel leaf is helpful in relieving earaches.

Some components prevalent in betel leaves may help in diabetes.

Many chew the leaves.
Many in the East have it after a course of meal as it acts as a digestive agent as well as a good mouth freshener.

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