OHH MY FRIEND ~ Trisha Patro ~

Short poem in English " OHH MY FRIEND " by Trisha Patro

It’s your eyes,
that tell me truth every time.

Now that you are here,
Nothing to fear,
Stay with me oh my dear.

I am a fool for your charms,
Your call is my alarm.

I don’t think ok you could ever feel,
You have been my will to live.

Roses are red
Sky is blue
Monkey like you, who belong to zoo

Your friendship can’t be measured,
It’s really full of joy and pleasure.

In your birthday you have cake,
but without me you are half baked.

Thank you for always being there oh my friend.


~~~~~~~~~~ Trisha Patro ~~~~~~~~~~
Class- VII, B.J.E.M School-I, Bhubaneswar


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