He is the one ~ Trisha Patro ~

He is the one by Trisha Patro

The real king,
Who always bloom like a flower in Spring.
Never shows his sorrows to us,
But have it all in rows.
He never search for praises,He just go working quietly,
he do have many needs,
But for ours he bleeds.
His sacrifices are as tall as mountains and thoughts as deep as sea.
He is one in million, pop!
So glad to have him
in my life as cherry on top!
So lucky to be one of those daughters who have their real hero,
Called PAPA
The best man is father.
And the best duo is a father-daughter duo.
Very proudly-


~ Miss Trisha Patro.~
Class-8, B.J.E.M School-I, Bhubaneswar


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