AGONY OF A MOTHER ( Based on child rape) ~ Plavani Priyadarshini ~

Agony of a mother by Plavani Priyadarshini

Some called me a lunatic
Some even thrashed me mercilessly
Some said my action evinced orthodoxy
Some thought I favor female infanticide.

Society calls me an undeserving mother
For I had poisoned my new born daughter
‘Psychotic’ , may be that’s the word which strikes your brain
You may call me a stoic sans emotions and pain
Oblivious of the truth,you give me names
Yes it’s quite easy to curse and blame.

Tired of all condemnations, I’ve decided to speak
I m a mother not a woman too sick
Couple of years ago, I had one more daughter
With slashed eyes and skin so supple.

My love for her was beyond all measure
Since she was my inestimable treasure
Never did I anticipate for such a tragedy to occur
Atrociously raped was my three year old daughter.

It was her age to laugh and play
But those morons bruised her in every possible way
Inaudible to me were her cries and screams
Oh my daughter! You had so many dreams.

Her body was painted red in blood blisters
Ghastly injured by those creepy sinisters
They were no less than devils lacking humanity
Out of lust, they showed her no mercy.

Having one more girl is something I fear,
For I don’t want her to lead a life of tears
I would rather give her a painless demise
Than letting her suffer at the hands of these guys.

O dear society, you’re too quick to judge
Now tell me in what crime did I indulge
No daughter is safe in this country
Where the real culprits roam Scot free.


~ Plavani Priyadarshini ~


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