10-12 digestive light biscuits
2 tbsp amul lite
Water as required
200 gms homemade paneer
175 gms hung curd
1 mango
2 eggs
10 tbsp honey
3 tsp. gelatin


Crush the biscuits with a rolling pan.
Add melted amul lite and 1 ½ tbsp. water. Pat on to a pie dish. Freeze or chill.
Take homemade paneer (made of skimmed milk) and hurd curd.
Liquidise until creamy.
Add mango pieces. Liquidize. Set aide.
Beat the egg yolks with honey until well mixed. Add the paneer and curd mixture.
Melt gelatin in 75 ml. water. Heat over double boiler and add to the above.
Whisk the egg whites until stiff and add alternately with 100 ml. beaten cream to the mango mixture.
Fold gently and pour over biscuit base. Refrigerate.
Once set, decorate with thin mango slices and drizzle with chocolate.


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