With the computer becoming an inherent part of each household, most individuals today find the need to spend several hours staring into computer screens.Be it the personal computer at home or workstations at office, many people who use the computer frequently seem to suffer from frequent headaches, fatigue and irritated, dry or strained eyes. While these problems can be passed of as being minor roadblocks, they may cause serious issues in the future and need to be addressed as and when they start occurring frequently.
It’s not those who work with computers alone who suffer from these ailments. Even individuals who use iPods, iPhones and other types of handheld digital devices seem to contract these ailments very early in their lives.

Recent studies have established that out of every 10 individuals who use computers, iPhones, iPods or other handheld digital devices, nearly 8 individuals suffer from a condition called Computer Vision Syndrome(CVS). This condition arises due to the continuous staring into a monitor or LED screen and the above mentioned ailments are some of the more common symptoms of the same.

Medical experts believe that these symptoms can place undue strain on the body and need to be taken care of immediately. In addition to this, several experts also offer tips for individuals to remain safe from the same. So if you are using a computer, either at office or at home and you use the same for more than 2 hours, chances are you are suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome CSV as well. Here are a few really useful tips on how you can stay safe from the same.

We know that humans blink several times a day without knowing about the same. However, at times, when something fascinating catches our attention, we find ourselves staring at it for ages on without so much as blinking an eyelid.This can be harmful to the eyes, especially if you enact the same action in front of a computer or any other screen. Eyes can dry up pretty quick and less blinks would mean fewer tears for your eyes.

Tears are natural medicines and can take care of your eyes like no other medicine can. So be sure to blink quite often when you are in front of a computer or any other screen as that will keep your eyes moist.

Don’t seat yourself too close to the computer screen. According to experts, the computer screen should be at least 20 to 28 inches from the eye and you should be seated in such a way that the center of the screen falls at least 15 to 20 degrees below your eye level.

Experts ask individuals to follow the 20/20/20 rule when they find the need to spend long hours in front of a computer or any other digital device. Accordingly, make sure to divert your eyes from the screen every 20 minutes and stare at something else for about 20 seconds before returning back to the screen.This action gives your eyes the rest that it needs. Make sure to focus your eyes on something that is at least 20 feet away though. This allows your eyes to adjust to the change in distance and get refreshed automatically.

The strategic position of the computer in par with the lights in the room can help in reducing undue strain on the eyes. Accordingly, make sure that the room in which the computer is placed in has adequate lighting, especially when you are working.Don’t go for bright over lights and position the computer monitor in such a way that it is facing away from bright lights or the windows in the room. This reduces reflections and glares, both natural and artificial.If you have a desk lamp, position the lamp to shed light on the desk and not on you or the computer screen. This will also help in reducing reflections that can otherwise affect the eyes.

Take all these pointers into consideration and the next time, you get ready to sit in front of the computer or any other digital device, follow these instructions to stay safe from CSV.


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