The majestic Duduma Waterfall lies deep in the heartland of Odisha, averdant paradise of paddy fields and palm fringed silver beaches,temples, rivers, waterfalls and tribal people. In a quiet forest and a serene setting it truly is a hidden wonder.The 157.5 metres high glittering waterfall that has been formed by the Machhakund River is known as the Duduma Waterfall, Jeypore. The site of the waterfall abounds in dense deciduous type forests and the beautiful topography made all the more beautiful by the gurgling stream. The Duduma Waterfall, Jeypore is the highest among the Waterfalls in Jeypore. An enormous hydroelectricity project has been built around the Duduma Waterfalls In Jeypore In India and as a consequence a township can now be seen in Duduma. Machhakund is also an important place for pilgrimage and is known as `Matsya Tirtha’. The Duduma Waterfalls In Jeypore In India is located at a distance of 92 km from Koraput town. Buses and hired cars are available to reach Duduma. The picturesque locales at Duduma Waterfall Jeypore are ideal for daylong trips and picnics. To have the complete feel of the place however, it is advisable that you spend a night at least at Duduma. The Duduma Waterfalls in Jeypore in Odisha cannot be fully explored in a few hours time.The other major waterfalls in Jeypore include the Hatipathar Waterfall and the Bagra Waterfall. All these waterfalls are easily accessible from the adjacent towns. The best time to visit any waterfall near Jeypore is after the monsoon when you can see them in full bloom. September to November is therefore the best time to visit the waterfalls since the streams shrink considerably with the coming of winter
Duduma, also known as Matsya Tirtha, is a glittering waterfall, located about 92 km from Koraput in Odisha. Plunging from a height of about 158 m, it offer the most scintillating of the sights. Its waters are utilized to support a huge hydro-electric project. The glittering water of the fall and the lush green of the region make it a favorite spot for group picnickers.
The Duduma Waterfall, 157 metres (515 ft) high, is formed by the Machkund river in Odisha, India. It is one of the Highest Waterfalls in Southern India.Its waters support a large hydroelectric project called Machkund Hydro Electric Power Project. . Machkund is an important place for pilgrimage. The name Machkund derived from a pilgrimage point called ‘Matsya Kunda Near the township of Paderu in Andhra Pradesh. A beautiful township called ‘Onukudelli’ has grown around this lovely place. The aboriginal tribe of ‘Bondas’ live near this waterfalls. Duduma is about 92 km from Koraput and about 200 km from Visakhapatnam. It forms a part of the boundary between Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. It has two sub-waterfalls one on the Odisha side and the other on the Andhra Pradesh side. The waterfalls lie in picturesque surroundings. It is one of the best tourist spots in Southern India.


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