Anger is an emotional signal to you that something in your environment isn’t right. It captures your attention and motivates you to take action. Anger is a natural emotion that every human and many non-human animals experience.
This is a human psyche to get angry when things get worse and something goes wrong. The volume of anger differs from one person to another. Some people get angry even on pity matters while others generally ignore such things.
People express their anger in different ways. Extreme anger brings out the worst in you and can pose a serious problem and sometimes it ruins your life. When it touches its worst form, it becomes hard to control your feelings and you try to express your anger in different ways. Some people express their anger by throwing or smashing things on the ground and some start arguing and quarreling until they calm down.
For instance, if a husband gets angry his spouse can handle the situation by calming him down by being polite and using good words, this can result in a dangerous situation turning in to a pleasant one. Contrary to this, the situation can get worse by exchange of harsh words which would completely get a different result sometimes the situation would get so worse that there is a probability that the relationship might end. A sensible person will anticipate and avert the situation before it turns worse. So it is a must for everyone to control their anger.

Here are a few tips on how to control your anger:

Divert your mind and try to leave the place.

Take in deep breaths.

Drink some water.

Have a shower (yeah it does help).

Go for a long walk.

Chat with someone who makes you happy.

Listen to music that you like.

Watch a movie that you wanted to.

Do something that is physically exerting such as punching a bag, playing football etc.
Repeat this ‘no one can have control over me and make me angry’. This will seriously help you to calm down.
Think of a good/funny moment that has happened with you.

Visualize a relaxing experience. Close your eyes, and travel there in your mind. Make it your stress-free oasis.
If your angry at someone ask yourself this question: “Did that person do this to me on purpose?” In many cases, you will see that they were just careless or in a rush, and really did not mean you any harm.

Imagine yourself doing the same thing. Would you have got angry at yourself?

Ask yourself: “What is the worst consequence of me getting anger?” It can probably lead something that can be harmful.

Anger is a bone of contention and one of the main causes of many problems in our daily life. Without controlling your anger and feelings you cannot adorn your social and family life. An angry person is not liked by anyone therefore in jobs and other professions, cool and calm employees are preferred.

You can make your life more enjoyable by controlling your anger by using the above tips. Do not let anger spoil your happy life and this can only be possible when you control your anger so be happy and keep smiling.


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